900 Biscayne Condos
The 900 Biscayne is a world-class real estate option that truly brings new meaning to luxury condo living in Miami with its sophistication that exceeds most expectations. It is located in the northeastern section of Miami’s Downtown district making it a major feature along the Biscayne Wall which is composed of numerous skyscrapers that are visible from the Biscayne Bay.

Its impressive tower is an exceptional architectural work of art that holds its rank as being the 4th tallest building in the entire state of Florida as well as the rank of being the 2nd tallest among residential buildings in both the city and the state with its 63-story sleek brilliance which was intentionally designed in a manner that would allow residents and guests of the condo to have a perfect view of the Biscayne Bay as ell as all of the surrounding areas.

All of the residential condo units at the 900 Biscayne come with private terrace areas, but being able to take in the captivating views of the surroundings is made even easier as each condo unit is fitted with energy-efficient glass doors and windows for added luxury. Also, these residential condo units come with ceilings that extend up to 10 feet in height for more space and comfort. All fully furnished with all of the best pieces of modern technology and appliances, people will find great value in every corner of these elegant home spaces.

Within each of these residential condo units, residents and guests can expect to find:
  Recreational facilities that can be enjoyed at the 900 Biscayne include:
  While the exceptional range of service amenities offered at the 900 Biscayne include:
  If you are interested and would like to learn more about what the 900 Biscayne has to offer in terms of luxury condo living then you are encouraged to get in touch with us so we can address your needs and concerns so that you might be able to find yourself waking up in the home of your dreams, right in the heart of Miami.